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We ensure optimum efficiency in providing shipping and logistics solutions for your shipment to arrive on time and secured, tackling problems related with freight forwarding import and export operations.

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haulage operations

As part of our key service, we pride ourselves in always taking into consideration the technicalities involved to ensure safe, reliable movement of goods from one point to another, integrating the right logistics solution from flexible to complex freight within and outside the country.



We provide logistical services for the importation or exportation of different goods in one container whether they belong to an individual or group of individuals.

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with our reliable resources adequately in place, we process documents needed for the importation or exportation of goods going through recognized institutions for verification and endorsement thereby providing the assurance necessary for an authorized ease of passage.

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GOZIRIBAN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a company with a proven track record of over a decade of quality services based on two overriding principles. Firstly, continuous investment in our most valued assets -our people., with experiences and expertise that has distinguished us in the highly specialized market that we operate in. Secondly, our commitment to quality services as an indigenous company making us outstanding in the league of companies - a heritage we derived from our country- Nigeria. OUR VISION is to be one of the foremost companies in Freighting, Procurement and Logistics, continuously building teams with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, quality and unequalled customer service delivery. OUR MISSION drives us to transform into a one stop global solution provider in the areas of clearing, forwarding, shipping, procurement, customs consultancy and adequately providing logistics solutions.

  • proven track record of quality services based on rewarding principles.

  • Over a decade of excellence and still counting from reliable and capable hands.

  • implementing new and trusted technologies to reinvent the wheel for optimum performance

  • playing strictly by the rules of our clients having their interest at heart makes us better.

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